As Commander in Chief AND set up the national interstate freeway system, he was busy, too.?

As Commander in Chief AND set up the national interstate freeway system, he was busy, too.?

One of the great things about the internet is just how much advice is out there: you can get guidance and  directives and the 10 things you ought to do, and the 14 things you must do about any given subject. If you are working at a nonprofit, all this advice comes on top of all the stuff you already have to do.

What ways are there to  figure out what is important, what is urgent and what is simply marking a task off your checklist? Marking items off may seem as if you are getting things done, but one look at the discussion boards out there will tell you there is always more to do than time to do it.

Dwight Eisenhower?s 4 way

Dwight Eisenhower had a lot to do as well;  he used a triage method called the 4 D?s.

?         Do it.

?         Dump it.

?         Defer it.

?         Delegate it.

Any task, chore or project has to fit into one of these categories;  the categories determine how urgent or important something really is.  Look at whatever is in front of you and see where your  items may fit best. 

How Do I Know Which One Is Best?

View the task through the frame of your mission and priorities;  how critical is this new piece of work when viewed through this lens?   If, of all the stuff screaming for your attention, you could only choose 3 things to do, which 3 would you choose?

Those choices may help reveal the priorities for you. 

?         Those top 3 are the Do It?s. ( but there could be more).

?         Which are really simply crap on your desk, honestly?  Dump them, no excuses.

?         Is it urgent, or is it important? Is the budget due but a donor or client is complaining on the phone? What has to be done right now, and what can be addressed later?  Defer does not mean forget about it, though.

?         Do YOU really have to do this, or could there be someone else who could help with this project? Maybe you will have to invest time in training, but the payoff to have some help can get more of your work get done. Delegate.

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