Cindy Lauren - Non Profit Executive ManagementWhat I want is a job: I don?t want to consult, I don?t want a contract, I want a full time, responsible leadership position, where I can use my skills and energy to do something that is important to the betterment of the planet.

There it is.

I want to be an E.D. or Director of Development, preferably advocating for animals, the environment and for those who do not or cannot speak for themselves.

In the process of seeking this work, I have to tell you that the horrors of the search are worse than I have ever experienced, ever. The rudeness, the inconsistency, and the dishonesty that seems to pervade this process is mindboggling. Theoretically everyone, the organization, recruiters and candidates, all are on board to find the best person to advance the organization?s mission and goals, and works well within that culture.

But what I have found is job placement to some is a check, and all the candidate offers is a possible sale. I have found a lack of clarity among hiring organizations for what it is they want and need, and the resultant person hired is gone within a short time, the position open again without understanding of ?what went wrong?. I have found jobs that when it was time to show up, were suddenly ?de-funded?. I have heard of interviews being done by agents who have shown zero understanding of the position for which they are seeking people, yet make the decision on whom to advance.

My Plan

If I had a dime for everyone who suggested changes in my resume or cover letter, I could quit now. So who knows what works anymore? I had a recruiter call me and tell me how fantastic I was, could she redo my resume, (wow, for sure, thanks!) then never heard from her again. I will try different approaches and styles, but to say I have the playing field sussed out would not be true.

This year, I am going to be clear about what I seek, and I plan to chronicle this journey; the highs and the lows. I almost wish I had started this last January; 2012 provided some outstanding material in terms of the new lows, and a few unexpected highs, of my experiences.

I hope this effort will be fruitful in several ways, and interesting along the way.

Happy New Year.

If you’d like to get in touch, contact me here or call on 310 828 6979.

Cindy Lauren - Lauren Associates - non profit consultingCindy Lauren is the Principal of Lauren Associates – non profit consulting

As well as advising Executives and Boards on all aspects of nonprofit management, the firm specializes in developing fundraising solutions for all sizes of organizations.

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