Volunteer organizers can be very scary peopleAt a large educational conference, a volunteer coordinator was responsible for getting other volunteers to manage key operations such as registration, check in and the silent auction as well as offer general assistance.

When asked by the Executive Director she reported that she had plenty of help lined up. She balked when asked for a list, insisting she had it more than covered.

But They Said They’d Be Here

When only two volunteers turned up on the morning of registration, the line of over 400 people waiting to check in stretched out into the hotel lobby and many of them missed breakfast. The silent auction was the same story with only one volunteer turning up to manage it resulting in a greatly reduced number of items and bids.

Long Lines at registrationThe lasting impression of this event for guests was long lines, missed opportunities, impatience and inefficiency.

The Lesson

As best you can, have staff perform key operations ? if you can?t, double, if not triple, the number of volunteers you think you?re going to need; life always gets in the way.

Give those volunteers as much information as possible, the most important, of course, is the location of the nearest restroom.

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