Go this way, NO! Go that way......

Go this way, NO! Go that way……

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Did you read any of these?

I did read them all.

The one element that is missing from these articles and from others like them are answers to  questions about how to implement their excellent advice such as: 

  •  WHO is going to do this,
  • WHAT the actual content will be,
  • HOW to use all this information properly, and finally,
  • WHEN will this additional work be fit into the daily routine?

I Know They Mean Well

The authors are very well meaning and offer good overall direction but what these articles lack are the true logistics of how all this work can be done, and done well. 

It requires time and thought to deliver something that others will want to read and pick out of a deluge of stuff out there. So how will this volume of work be assigned, and who is doing the planning and oversight?

Typically we receive emails, tweets, blogs, RSS feeds, newsletters, alerts, notices, and other endless streams of electrons; the competition for eyeballs is stiff and fast. Add the pressure of having to design and write and proof and upload and respond, what are the best ways of using your time to accomplish it all? Most small- to medium-sized nonprofits have staff that are already stretched pretty thin; adding these additional tasks can prove to be a real challenge.

Help that Matters

More useful advice will include samples and standards, such as how long a piece needs to be, how to best schedule social media planning so a consistent and substantial message is included.  Clarity about what you wish to gain from your social media profile will be critical to organizing both the message and the time to get it out there.

All the good advice in the world is meaningless if it can’t help you get what you want. 

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