Program Development

Program Development Services from Lauren Associates

Program Development

Programs are the reason your organization exists. Managed correctly, they can secure your economic future and widen your reach as investors and sponsors associate themselves with the success of your efforts.

Program Design

Designing a program is like building a new business, it is a complex process often involving many different people with different skill sets and different priorities; a program manager has one of the toughest jobs in the world.

Of the many aspects in program design: purpose, goal, method, procedure and management, perhaps the most important is measurement. Being able to measure the effectiveness of your program delivers the metrics that will attract new funders and sponsorships, allowing you to do even more.

Marketing & Communication

Once you have a program how do you let the target constituency know about it? Programs are often complex creatures and complexity is a tough thing to communicate. Knowing which aspects to focus on and which channels and tools to use will help you to get greater penetration in your target market.

Program Development Non-Profit services from Lauren Associates

Lauren Associates = Experience

The key to program management is to be aware of all aspects of the process and to bring them together into a cohesive and easy to communicate plan.

Having planned for, designed and successfully executed programs for the last 20 years, I can bring a breadth of experience to your team. Get in touch and let me show you how to make your program management a much more enjoyable process.

Program Evaluation

Cinderella learned this the hard way; if there are no plans for follow up, your program may as well turn into a pumpkin!

  • Your board and stakeholders will want to know results
  • Your sponsors and donors need to be thanked for their support
  • You need to know the work was worth it
  • Is this a program you would want to repeat? What worked well? What needs to be changed?

Program Reporting

Reporting the results of any program is important and providing specific numbers and quantifying your work adds credibility and substance to your ongoing requests for funds and support. These numbers become the metrics for grant applications and sponsorship solicitations.

A final word from a fundraiser: it is important to consider how you thank your donors, members and staff. If the last word someone hears from you is a thank you, you leave a most positive and professional feeling with your community.