Development and Fundraising


Development & Fundraising

Everybody knows they need to fundraise but not everyone knows how to. While there are a hundred different ways to raise money, each one comes with a learning curve and that learning curve will cost you time and money.


As a nonprofit leader, I have raised millions of dollars producing events that range from luxury galas through to medical conferences, local group bring and buy sales through to the annual fund. Creating and implementing the right program is all about making the best use of your resources: staff, cash, volunteers, expertise and influence.

Each program comes with its own bag of tricks and tips that have been hard earned and learned over the years – from what has worked amazingly well to what is a guaranteed trainwreck. Knowing how to navigate the minefield and seeing the opportunities and obstacles before they hit can make a quantum difference in your outcome.


People don?t fund causes, they fund successes; the only way to prove success is to demonstrate metrics, and to demonstrate metrics, you need a plan.

I love to plan ? it makes me feel good that a document exists in which everybody knows what is meant to happen and how it will happen. Whether it?s a goals document, an anticipated budget, an actual budget or even a Plan B ? if it isn?t on paper it doesn?t exist. A plan will define your goals and goals will help you measure performance. The minute you start measuring performance you can objectively measure success.

I deliver what I promise

I know what it is like to get that phone call on a Friday evening that puts your entire organization in jeopardy. I know what it is like to look up to the sky and wonder whether it would be easier just to quit. I also know what it is like to have thousands and thousands of people relying on you to make a difference in their lives. And I know what it is like to know you can?t quit, you have to find a way through it all – and smile while you are doing it. But you don?t have to do this alone.

I pride myself on my reliability and my integrity, I won?t over -promise, I strive to over -deliver. I would be delighted to put you in touch with current and former clients who will be happy to answer any questions you might have about who I am and how I work.

Board Development

Boards are often comprised of members with a committed and vested interest in the cause, but not necessarily the business acumen or skills to ?run? the organization. Many Board members are unclear about exactly what is expected of them by staff or members and can lose focus and participation can lag.

Thoughtful, creative and perhaps even a bit sly approaches to reinvigorate and redefine board member attachment are sometimes required. Investing the time into learning the member?s motivation, expectations, limitations and reliability quotient will reveal what that member can optimally offer. How different members can work together, or not, will then reveal exactly what the Board?s input and involvement with the organizational activities will be.

Common Language

In my experience boards can be uniquely unified in in action, and viciously divisive over tangential topics. Sometimes they can be brought together to address a topic, determine an action and actually make a decision. As with many, any, board of directors, to assume all share the same understanding of purpose and goals can be a mistake.

Clear and precise mission statements, vision statements and goals are imperative to share vocabulary. Once that common language is established, presenting the concerns and issues before the board will become easier. Be sure the ?big? players related to the organization, volunteers, donors, sponsors, partners, are identified to the board.