Non profit consulting - it can be pretty bizarre!Reality TV is often irresistible because it is so often a pure trainwreck. Sometimes work in nonprofit can seem similar, when I tell the stories of what really happens, it can seem unbelievable. A marriage between reality and what we want to happen could be not only educational, but entertaining as well. Therefore, I introduce the new ongoing series: Let?s Turn This Thing Around.

What about the plan?

One of the really great things about actually having a plan is the ability to decide to change it. I am exercising that prerogative with something that I hope will prove more helpful for more of us.

Non profit reality

Over the next few months, I will be chronicling the process several clients will be going through as we grow, turn around or develop their organizations. Some are established and needing to expand, some have stumbled recently and need to turn things around. There is no substitute for real life, and honestly, the more time I spend on ?professional? sites, the less information and true help I see being offered. A true pet peeve is hand-waving, and the internet has brought this to a whole new level.

No doubt our planning will encounter some obstacles, but I also think we will have some special new opportunities; the only way is to go for it. And while we do have a plan for each venture, responding to it and keeping on track will be the exercise.

The cast

The players include a small animal rescue organization with a slightly different approach, an established artist who wants to gain more recognition and exposure and the third is a small funding agency that supports environmental and conservation work. All of them have been around for some time, but want to expand, increase and grow. Should be a fun trip, hope you will come along.

Cindy Lauren - Lauren Associates - non profit consultingCindy Lauren is the Principal of Lauren Associates – non profit consulting

As well as advising Executives and Boards on all aspects of nonprofit management, the firm specializes in developing fundraising solutions for all sizes of organizations.

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