Cynthia Lauren – Principal – Lauren Associates

Cynthia Lauren – Principal – Lauren Associates

Cindy Lauren - Principal - Lauren Associates Non-profit consulting

Ms . Lauren started in the nonprofit arena with basic volunteering at events supporting various cancer charities including UCLA and USC. As a volunteer she learned what it does take to organize and truly make change in a community.

By developing both a skill set and an innovative perspective, Cynthia has enjoyed success in the arena of nonprofit management. By starting as a volunteer, she saw the needs and goals of an organization from bottom to top. The most critical ongoing need is that of fundraising and that has been the main aspect of her management approach, however matched with first class management skills, she has developed a special niche to help and support other groups achieve their goals.

Cynthia has a strong educational background and a thorough immersion into nonprofit organizations. ? By working my way up through the system, I am aware of the challenges to nonprofits now- with excessive reporting requirements, the dynamics of boards and volunteer leaders, the constant need to raise funds and support and the many needs of the nonprofit communities. With a deep understanding of these challenges, Cynthia has found novel ways to address the many simultaneous demands of this work, and further how to make it enjoyable.

From local, city-based organizations, to international medical relief organizations, Cynthia has had broad management experience in the not for profit arena. Membership, identity, outreach, advocacy, and dynamic survival have been the hallmarks of her work.

Cynthia has left an enduring legacy of accomplishment with both large and small firms, all working toward community involvement and improvement.