Operations and Systems

Operations are what it is going to require to get the job done; operations are the step beyond your vision and mission, they are how to of ?day- to- day? work.

Who will do what, when, and how different jobs and projects will be completed are essential elements of maintaining smooth functioning.  We have all been in meetings when some no floats a great idea or plan, but with no idea what actual steps are going to be necessary to reach the goal.

Developing smart and efficient operational plans will be key to managing the organization well and allowing more time to be devoted toward the programming and impact you wish to provide for your members and constituents.

Key operational areas:

1.       Legal

2.       Human Resources

3.       Accounting/Financial Management

4.       Fundraising/Development

5.       Board of Directors/Governance

6.       Technology

7.       Planning

8.       Training

We can help you create well designed systems for nonprofit operations, tailored for the size of your organization, staff and volunteer size.

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