As we go into the busiest time of the year for fundraising, let’s take a look at how online giving looked in 2015.?

Past behavior is the best predictor for future behavior, so it is likely that the same times and dates will be as strong for giving in 2016.?

During the Year:

December is the big winner with 30 % of donations- that means almost?1/3?of all donations are given during?1/12?of the year.


Days of the Week:

Thursday is the clear winner:?20%?of all donations come Thursday;??Monday and Tuesday are not far behind with 18% & 19% each. ?The worst day is Saturday and Sunday isn?t much better.


What time is best?

Early in the am and late in the pm are the weakest times, the most giving takes place during the hours of?10 am and 4 pm.


Where is the Money Going??

Once again,?religion?takes more than anything else.?


What Does This Mean??

To plan smart fundraising, it important to know who and what you may be up against.
Timing, competition, habits of donors are all essential elements to consider as you wade into the frenzy. Think about how to make your year end donation request stand out from the rest.
Everyone’s email box s filled to the brim with urgent, last minute, holiday donation requests. Smart planning and timing can help yours get noticed.

How Can This Work For You??


Fundraising can be challenging, let us help you find the best month, day and time to ask for and receive the?support you need and deserve.

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