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Non-profit Operations

Would you describe your organization as mission-driven?

How you operate your organization will show your donors and
stakeholders how true this is. A smoothly functioning nonprofit office that
handles administration and operations well will be able to focus more energy on
the mission. Having systems that are well constructed and resilient enough to
sustain your operations in good times and not so good times is crucial to
making the impact you seek.

How does the back of the house look?

  • Are your systems in order to swiftly and
    accurately accept donations, acknowledge them and produce regular, accurate
    financial reports?
  • You have a current employee file for each member
    of your staff, with regular evaluations and updates, right?
  • The Feds require some version of the 990; your
    state requires some version of a state tax return and annual updates about your
    activities, location and leadership. Your books look nothing like the
    categories for the returns.
  • To apply for grants, you need to show your
    annual budget, program or project budget and metrics to show how well you have


Got a question or just curious as to how we can help you?  Let us
know what your current challenges are and we’ll get back to you.

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This is tough for many who begin their nonprofit work with a
true passion to make things change, yet find themselves at the mercy of
paperwork, reporting and systems. Rather than trapping feral cats or collecting
debris from the river, a computers screen stares back unblinkingly, requiring
stuff you don?t know, understand or like.

Operational Oversight

This is where we can help; to set up practices and systems
that allow you to focus on what you want to do while being sure the other work
you have to do is done.

 We keep the train on the tracks. After developing a realistic
timeline, acutely sensitive to the strengths and challenges of your office, we
engage in update sessions to keep the plan on schedule and allow staff to gain
skills and comfort.

As time and effort dictate, fine
tuning and tweaking make the operations program truly
unique and reflect the opportunities and challenges of your office.


Now that's what we call

Now that’s what we call “Mission Control”