When it Comes to Words: Less IS More
When we are passionate about something, something that really matters, it is often tough to shut up. When introducing someone to your work, often the tendency is to have an extended conversation about how and why. It can be difficult to say less than what you feel needs to be said; however it is important to err on the side of brevity. While you may want to give the whole story and the full explanation of why you are doing what you do, what brought you to this place and what you want to change, do yourself a favor and edit relentlessly: both in word and in print.

Direct, Clear and What You Want:

Be direct and action-oriented. Be clear on the results you aim to achieve. Leave the storytelling for another time, another page.? Your cause is important, and let readers know what you are and what you are doing- that is what they will need in the first few seconds to decide to follow you or not.

When crafting your mission statement, your tag line and your ?elevator? speech, less is more. ?So, what can be left on the cutting room floor?

Who I Am, Where I Am, What I Do

Tell folks who you are, and what your connection is: ?I am Fred and I am representing? the 123 Foundation.? Our purpose is to enable elementary school students to learn and achieve better scores in math and science. ?We do that by providing volunteer teachers 4 hours a week to several local schools?.

If you can clearly define yourself, what you do and how you want to accomplish your work, you will have a much better chance of furthering your conversations and developing a true interest in your work. The time for stories and anecdotes can come later, on your website and at events.

Is Your message tailored and tight?