2012 CalendarOk and we?re back. A fresh clean new year, with lots of optimism and hope. And last year is in the rearview mirror, not forgotten by any means. We bring the circumstances of last year into our fresh new year and try to figure out how to manage this all best – let’s start with the calendar.

One critical aspect for the New Year is to take the time with your staff and figure out HOW to plan.

  • What do you want?
  • What do you need?
  • How are you going to get there?
  • How much time to you have?

It’s not silly!

Sometimes this seems silly, I mean, you know what you want, right? You know what your programs are and what numbers you need to obtain. But you will find that the simple act of writing this stuff down as bullet points on a big post it note or bulletin board can have an energizing and organizing effect.

The exercise of even one hour with your staff will help you hone in on how best to address your goals. Break the year up into sections; start with the events and meetings and deadlines you already know you have. Mark off tax and other filing deadlines, mark off scheduled meetings such as for the Board, and conferences you would like or plan to attend.

A Stand Back Perspective

Take a look at the year?s calendar as a whole, right now as we start. Ask yourself what you would like to see in December, coming up in 11 months. Now let?s see how we can fit your desires into this schedule: what needs to take priority, what can?t be avoided. The creativity comes in when you fit into the necessary, the fun, the project, the anticipation.

While it is way too easy to simply jump in and start working, do take the time regularly to look at your calendar, what you have on your plate, and what you have done. Maintain a sense of time not only hourly and daily, but over the time of your projects and goals. Set up a schedule, knowing you will have to change it, but one that sets you on a course of accomplishment.

Planning can be harder than it looks, but it doesn?t have to be so- if we can assist you in looking at the calendar, annually, quarterly, monthly and weekly, give us a call and we will be thrilled to help.

Image Credits:
mustaches calendar by crafty_dame on Flickr