Slightly used.?

Slightly used.?

There are so many things about being in the nonprofit sector to be grateful for:

  • the constant struggle to stay afloat, much less grow ( unless you are the ALS Foundation this year);
  • the ongoing need to find that perfect board member to inspire and lead and be able to read a balance sheet;
  • the external critics who are willing to judge the effectiveness of your work on completely specious  set of metric standards such as strange objects such as ‘overhead’;
  • and my personal favorite, the business person who tells you they are considering nonprofit work when they get tired of all the bullshit in ?real? work.

I am grateful every day for the chance to do something I feel is meaningful towards making our world a little better place, and even more grateful for the opportunities for humor as I do so.

The great thing about being in this arena, the chances for fun are almost endless.     I bet each and every one of you has a truly funny story about your work life this year.

Care to share? I’d love to hear, please please feel free to comment. 

Some Fun Numbers

Numbers are always important in nonprofit management; they describe certain things with such clarity. Here are some fun numbers to think about.

  Ever donate clothes? 

  • Average percentage by which an article of clothing that has been donated is overvalued for tax purposes: 600%   Source: IRS

Donate to healthcare for those in need?

  • Amount that Bear, Stearns’ chairman donated to a New York hospital in 1998 to sponsor Viagra for the poor:   $1,000,000  Source: Harper?s Research

Donate during Halloween?

  • Amount Americans gave to UNICEF with trick-or-treaters: $3,731,057   Source:  UNICEF
  • On Halloween costumes for their pets: $330,000,000      Source: National Retail Federation

I love what I do, despite some of the crying and teeth gnashing, and want to help others love what they do as well. If I can be of some assistance, support or simply offering a shoulder or ear, please do not hesitate to be in touch. 

Thank you for reading and for the thoughtful comments you have taken the time to send.

I look forward to next year with better, stronger and louder laughs along the way.

Best wishes for a fantastic Hannukah, Christmas and New Year; see you in 2015 ( can you believe it?!)



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