Is part of your goal for the upcoming year to acquire new donors? Consider these statistics

Top nonprofit communication goals for 2014:

1.    acquiring new donors,

2.    engaging community,

3.    general brand awareness 

Only 34% of nonprofit executive directors picked donor retention as a top communications goal for 2014.

Only 16% of nonprofit communications directors picked donor retention as a top communications goal for 2014. 

 Considering how difficult it is to find and acquire a donor in the first place, this doesn?t make sense to me. The onslaught of invitations and solicitations in this relentlessly multi-channel world, having those hard -won those donor dollars seduced away is both frustrating and unnecessary.

Ask and Listen

Pay attention to what your current donors are saying, and what they are asking for. It may be their ultimate desire is not one you and promise or deliver, however by actively listening to them will encourage the open conversation that will keep them attached.

No one likes to be taken for granted, donors are no different. I get a little fried when I see some great offer for something that is limited to ?new customers only?. Should the loyal supporters not be allowed to enjoy the same, if not better, offer?

If only a little more than a third of executive directors are paying attention to retaining their established donors, then over 2/3 of them are not, and risk losing the bird in the hand for the anticipated ones in the bushes.

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