Its Valentine?s Day This Friday: Feb 14, 2014

How much do you love to open an envelope with a check or report showing a donation?

One of the highlights of my day can be seeing that a campaign or event is gathering traction and generating income. That means that something worked: something resonated with the donor. Not sure always what it could be: timing, a better understanding of the mission, a strong campaign message or an event that they want to attend or support. But the result is exactly what we sought. Yay.

What matters?

What matters is twofold:

1.       You did receive the donation. That is quantum; those things don?t grow on trees. Someone is choosing to show their support in the most tangible way possible.

2.        Assuring that donor is clear on how important their choice to give has been to you and your group. This is donor acknowledgement, this is thanks: this is donor retention.

The second point is at least as important as the first. The current buzz about donor attrition and retention makes this time of year so important.

Holiday bills are coming due, tax season is looming, and the first quarter of the year can be challenging for fundraising. Increase the chance of support later in the year with a thoughtful thank you now. 

For this holiday, send a valentine.

?         Ask for nothing.

?         Say thank you, you are our Valentine. Keep it short and sweet and sincere. At most add one or two lines about the work, keep it really short!

?         This will cost very little, but can go a long way to keeping those donors in your corner.