It?s  New Year, but?..

Happy New Year, with a clean slate, new goals and vision, right? Yes and no.  It is exciting to start over, with all sorts of intentions and plans how to do things better, faster neater.  I do look forward to a new start, but sometimes, I find some of the old year has accompanied me from December.

There is that nagging project that was way too easy to slide to the corner of the desk from last November. There is cleaning up the books and stats to draw a picture of what 2014 looked like that will to help guide 2015. There is planning for the New Year and hopefully having eyes open for what didn’t work last year to avoid this year. When I sit down to comp template what I need to do this year, I have found a way to help me see what has to happen.

* List the stuff you still need to finish and when you need to get it done by. 

What HAS to happen?

The IRS, state paperwork updates, mandatory conferences or meetings, trade shows and other deadlines. I put them all on the calendar now, even if the deadline is not until November.  When I look ahead I can see things coming, and sometimes it actually helps me plan in advance. Put those on the calendar for the week before they are due.

*Get out a paper or computer calendar and list those deadlines and events, now. 

What do I want to have accomplished by this time next year?

For some, it might be an update of policies and procedures, for some it might be creating and producing a new program or event, it might be simply cleaning up and out the files. I make a short list of my ?blue sky? list, and some dates that I would like to see things done by.

I put those on the calendar, knowing the things always take a bit longer than I plan. Technology is a constant challenge, and the day to day ankle-biters are inevitable, but it is important to be clear on what I want to get done.  I may begin with more than is realistic, but you have to look ahead. If you can?t see it, for sure you can?t do it.

*List the top items you would like to look back at from this time next year, write them down. When do you want to get them done by? 

 What might be in my way?

Inevitably there are obstacles, staff changes, board changes, changes in laws and rules. Money is always tight for something you have to spend it on, such as insurance or computer stuff.  Build into your vision of the New Year that some things will always go pear-shaped. You might not be able to avoid them, but if you know they are coming, responding can be a little less stressful and painful.

But, the excitement is still here??it’s all attitude.

Let?s do our best to bring forward what we have to and create a new plan for what we want to see happen. Build your schedule around stuff that you know will have to be done, prepared for, evaluated and reported. Perhaps wishing for a perfect clean slate is impossible, but optimism, seeing opportunity where they may not have been and commitment to doing your best is the best way to get underway.

Wishing you the best of luck and the same to us. 

If there is anything we can do, even basic questions, please do contact us, we?d love to hear from you.

Happy New Year and wishes for the best one yet.


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