Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof, Grrrrrrrooooooowl - SMILE!Think about it: what do you simply hate to do? File receipts, go to the DMV, sit in voicemail, press 4 now hell? Each of us has something we have to do that is pure misery. Sure, we could choose not to do some of this stuff, but we might not drive, never get to see the game on TV or get a refund from the IRS. So, we are stuck.

What is it about these tasks that make us dislike them so?

It is that the experience is almost universally bad.

It is the waiting in all sorts of lines, the ridiculous delays, incompetence, stupid, rigid rules and general unpleasantness we must endure that gives us so little sense of accomplishment for all the effort and time spent. But we have to do this stuff, so we suffer.

People Do Have Choices:

If we are looking to inspire a donor, sign up a volunteer, or develop a client, it is imperative to consider the experience that donor, volunteer or client will have. These people do have choices, and don?t have to deal with you. The luxury of a poor customer experience is one that you really can?t afford. It can be easy to overlook concern about their experience while keeping all your other plates spinning: the marketing, the income, the production, the recordkeeping. But if you stop for a second and think about it, this aspect is crucial.

It may sound corny, but when you smile when you speak, it changes everything about your voice. Even if you don?t want to, do it. Think about what you want the caller to feel when they hang up. Were they heard, were their questions answered, did they feel as if you cared about them and their issue? Isn?t that what you want? I know it is what THEY want.

Costco, In ?N Out Burger, even Trader Joes have made having a good experience an important element of their merchandising and selling. The effort pays off in strong and continued growth. Consider the experience of your client or donor list: how are they greeted? How are they treated, do they leave satisfied?

Choose Me!

Donors are customers and can make choices. They have choices, many choices, of worthy causes and places to give. Make your organization one that is a pleasure to support, thoughtful and respectful to deal with and an experience they would like to repeat.

Sometimes changing a routine experience into a good one is easier than you think, let us help ( I’m smiling as I write this!) Get in touch here or call us on 310 828 6979

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