The lightbulb goes off!As I review my work so far and look forward to what I wish and hope to achieve, I realize there is an essential component along with my documents, one that is going to make the difference. As trite as it may seem, the additional, required and crucial element is my commitment.

In the past, when my heart has not truly been in something, I have been able do everything technically right; go through the motions, do ok, but finish with that ?missing something? feeling. That feeling of completion is there, but the pride and joy seem absent. I was a competitive athlete in the past, and what made or lost the competition was never the lack of training or preparation, either I had it that day, or I didn?t.

The light goes on

The proverbial 20 watt bulb is glowing over my head: the same attitude and desire has to be in this search as well. The analogy suddenly works for me: I chose the competitions I really wanted to be in, and then did every little thing I needed to be fully prepared. That didn?t mean I always got the results I wanted, but I never left anything on the platform, in those days.

But that was sports; if I got second place in a competition, it wasn?t quite as quantum as being second place in the job hunt. Either you get the offer, or you don?t. And don?t means no new place to work, no new network or income. Don?t means that for whatever reasons that I will mostly never know, I wasn?t good enough.

Time to do the work

So how do I put these two parts together? I need to be clear about the position I am pursuing, do I really want it or is it a job that might work? If I really want it, am I willing to do the tailoring of the resume, the agony of a brilliant and incisive cover letter that may be utterly disregarded? Yes, I had better.

Perhaps then the analogy does hold, if I really want it and do all I can and still don?t get it; yes, I?d be quite disappointed, but I will know that once again, this will be their loss. Sadly I have seen jobs that I did believe I would have loved but didn?t get, be open again rather quickly, indicating that someone didn?t bring their A game.

When I commit, I commit fully. Hopefully I will find a search committee that feels the same as I do, and we will do great things.

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