too much information, too little knowledgeI love what I do, I truly do. I am good at it, my clients like me, as evidenced by their loyalty and their referrals. It took some gumption to step away from the comfort of a job, with automatic deposits, insurance, structure and momentum. It is exhilarating and exciting.

The one aspect of this that I loathe is the new era of the personal brand- if I never hear that term again it will be a day too soon. In order to find those clients I can best help, it seems as if I need to be relentlessly delivering important and meaningful content onto not only my own web page, but my Linkedin profile, Twitter and Facebook. That way I can stand out from every other exceptional, thoughtful, successful nonprofit consultant.

Advice is shouted at me from every direction, ?you must make tweeting part of your daily DNA?, ?don?t upload crap content; create community and relationships.? Further, I must advise my clients to also follow this behavior, as it is the way to see, be seen and communicate these days.

Gag me already

The vast majority of stuff I see is retweeted, back-linked re-packaged pablum that tells no one anything. There is an interesting info graphic about how many tweets were uploaded during the State of the Union address, some huge huge number. Please, and really. As an amazingly insightful advisor told me, the internet is wonderful with all sorts of amazing info out there, but it has no filter and those that shout the loudest are most easily heard, regardless of what they have to say.

I guess it can be frustrating because to compete, I have to play this game, which seems specious to me. And I don?t have an alternative or a solution. I do kinda think this is the way things are, and this is the game you have to play to get out there. So, how do I live with this? I think the only way I can tolerate this is to have some respect for those who do think I have something to say.

My Promise

I will only post if I mean it. I will only present and post if it is said better than I could say it, and if they have a great idea or perspective. I only tweet a good thought or suggestion; if it has already been re-tweeted 10 times, you won?t see it from me. And while I do want you to find me, and retain me, adding to the blabosphere with gratuitous repetition is not the way I feel good doing it.

If you want thoughtful, seasoned experience; direction that fits your organization, style and goals, my attention will be on you. Thanks, and call me – 310 828 6979, I won?t be tweeting while we speak.

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too much information, too little knowledge by Will Lion on Flickr