I'm surrounded by idiotsThis is the third of 5 posts that deal with the kind of ?hand waving? response you often get from people who have never actually run a non-profit. Part 1Part 2

Answer No.3

Make a few stickers/T shirts/badges/flyers etc with your logo and mission printed on it. You can drop the flyers at places where there are chances of many people seeing them. With the T shirts, badges and stickers distribute them to people who you know will use them. If you find it worth, you can also pay them a small amount to use them effectively such that it gets good exposure.

Cindy responds

This presupposes that you have handled the logo and mission project from answer # 1. How much money do you have to spend on printing merchandise? How many larges, Xl/s smalls, kids shirts will you make? Will you charge for them or give them away? How will you get them to people that are not closeby?

What information is in your flyer? What are you telling people, and what are you asking for? Which images reflect your activities and members and goals? Who will write this, edit this, lay this out? How many will you print?

Where are places where ?many people will see them?? The grocery store, the coffee shop, the library, the hospital? How do you know which places to choose that will have the traffic that is meaningful to you?

Who are the people who will use them? Is that your volunteers, your staff or ????

What if your stickers end up someplace that is inappropriate? What if someone complains about having a flyer or sticker put on their car or house or window?

Should you have the budget to pay folks to distribute your materials, how much and for what? Number of flyers, number of locations, number of call backs? What do you wish for the return on this investment?

What is good exposure? Having people know about you, then what? Is it some press or media coverage? For what you have done, for what you want to do? What do you expect good exposure to generate for you?

Tune in later this week for part four where we address that mythical creature, the “Signature Campaign.” Need some answers to the above questions from someone who has been where you are? Get in touch here or call us on 310 828 6979.

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