Structure for your Non-profit

Structure for your Non-profit

Congratulations, you are a
recognized nonprofit organization and are on track to make the changes you want
to see in the world. Well done. Now what?

Sustaining and growing your
organization presents a different set of tests: growth at any stage is challenging,
what will be the best ways for you be able to deliver your mission, keep the
books, increase donations, satisfy all the reporting requirements and continue
to love what you do? 

Growth requires using on
grown -up business practices that may be new or different.

  • Did you
    discover that your accounting records differ from what you need to report on
    the 990?
  • Do you
    suddenly feel overwhelmed by seemingly mysterious and relentless notices for
    insurance, state and federal offices?
  • Yes, you do
    have to pay payroll taxes if you hire someone, and file reports with the state
    tax boards for items you sell. Your nonprofit status does not exempt you from
    these obligations.
  • Does your
    development and fundraising strategy need to move up to the next level? How do
    you do that?
  • How does
    internal management compete with your time for growth: you will need policy
    manuals and procedures and internal documentation of your planning? What is the
    best way to keep all this current? 


Got a question or just curious as to how we can help you?  Let us know what your current challenges are and we’ll get back to you. 

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Capacity Building

We offer direction for building strong planning and
implementation programs that allow you to clearly define your goals and
targets, then achieve them.  We provide assistance and expertise to help you build
organizational capacity that increases the ability to deliver your mission, be
visible as a strong investment to funders and donors, and to sustain the organization?s
activity over time. 

Strategy Development and Problem Solving

We work with the client to develop a do-able yet creative, forward-looking
plan of action. We present a range of new ideas, strategic thinking and planning,
different perspectives coupled with a real world appreciation of your time and

Certain obstacles will be part of your landscape; we will help
devise strategies to get you to your goal with strategic, tactical and
logistical elements that reflect the reality of your situation.

Your planning needs to reflect your goals, culture and style; each
program is customized for your specific requirements.



Remember how much fun it is to work with a partner?

Remember how much fun it is to work with a partner?