The most second frequent question we get is ?Can you write me a grant??.

Grants are both wonderful and terrible things, the money seems so tantalizing, simply write an impassioned and compelling cause statement and some big checkbook in the sky opens.

Free money, for a good cause, how can you beat that?

If it were truly like this, it would be great, but the truth is, there is a whole lot more to finding the right granting opportunity, preparing a strong application, and waiting patiently. If you do get the grant, it will more than likely require ongoing compliance, a follow up and evaluation of the work the grant supported.

There are considerations that need to be included in looking for grant money:

  • How long, and how successfully have you been in in business
  • Who else is funding you, what are other sources of income do you have
  • How different are you from other orgs with similar goals
  • How do you measure your work, your impact and your reach?

Don?t get me wrong, grants can be a Godsend, but do know that there is work that needs to be done to prepare to be ready to find them.


Jen - Free Money Day on Flickr

Jen – Free Money Day on Flickr


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