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Crisis Communications

It?s inevitable, and no
one escapes: things go horribly wrong and there is a big mess that needs
attention. But that attention must be carefully considered before a troublesome
situation becomes worse.

 Who do you call, who can offer sage advice and

  • The hotel where the conference had been held billed
    the nonprofit for a ruinous penalty that had been in the fine print of the
    contract. The employee who signed the contract is no longer employed there, and
    the agent from the hotel is also gone.

  • A letter from an unhappy donor alerts you to a big
    internal problem with an employee mishandling checks and violating company
    policy when speaking to members.

  • The national press coverage you were so excited
    about for your cause is manipulated to make the cause look trivial and

  • Some requests for informational filings from the
    state were ignored, and now your corporate status is ?suspended? by the state.

  • An employee behaves outrageously, if not
    criminally, at your biggest event of the year.


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With the constant glare of
instant communications, reliable or not, taking strategic steps to protect your
organization are critical.  

All the above scenarios
are true, among others almost as fun. Determining the best way to address and
answer critical problems is our strong suit. A careful assessment of the threat
and thoughtful responses require perspective and experience.

We offer in the trenches
experience, coupled with a perspective focused on quick and honorable
resolutions, and getting you back to the business of your business.

Keep a communications
problem from defining your organization and distracting your donors.


Although it may feel like this - it rarely is...

Although it may feel like this – it rarely is…