Board Development

Founder and Board Development

wizard-of-ozOther than the founder(s), there are few more important people than your board. As their titles suggest, these are the folks who ‘direct’ the work of the organization; they set the tone for governance, executive staff, community profile and fundraising. Finding the best people with the skills and energy that you need is a very important, but often challenging, aspect of managing the nonprofit.

Beyond the friends and family candidates, board members need to bring both talent and treasure to the board. Scheduled meetings, clear expectations, strong record keeping keep work on track and show your commitment to effective management.

Horror stories about boards and how things can go sideways are all too frequent; we can help you chart a course of strong board development, structure and leadership. Having a good plan for the type of members to serve and advance your mission will be essential to achieving the change you seek.

LaurenAssociates provides guidance, suggestions, and recommendations to help create a strong, dedicated and effective board for your important work.

Recruit Smart, Recruit Well