Be Very Afraid

Be Very Afraid

 We are at the end of another calendar year, and the deluge of reflection and prognostication is upon us. As with those cheery holiday newsletters from the charmed among us who have had accomplishment after wonderful life experience this past 12 months- ones I surely didn?t have, I sometimes dread this time of year.  But since it is unavoidable, might as well make the best of it.

Didn’t Quite Hit It

There were a few goals and targets I simply didn’t meet this year. Yes, massively disappointed, but since the clock only goes forward, what can I do to get closer next time?

?        Require greater clarity on what it is I am really seeking. Be specific about the goal; whether it is a new client, income, partnership opportunity or a better time in the 50 free.

?        Have some kind of game plan about the tools I will need to achieve that goal. It might be more computer training ( gag me, save me!), have some templates of letters and project plans made up in advance, and customize them later. It might be cleaning out all those files on the floor, just to see the floor.

?        Make up a schedule for getting the plan organized and in place: recognize that planning, calendaring what needs to be done when is crucial to getting it done. Put up at least a three month, if not full year, planning calendar, with the big due dates in red. Look at it from several feet away.

Commit to the plan. Not to steal from Nike, but just do it.

Looking Back

Don?t forget to include the wins, the also-rans, the chances and the efforts from this past year, even if the result was not what you had hoped ( this is for me as much as for you). All those things took thought, time and effort; those three things have value in and of themselves.  It would be worse to look back and see the efforts not attempted.

Give yourself credit for getting up and doing it every day.

Congratulations for getting to 2014, may we achieve what we seek, with some joy and grace.

Thanks for reading and following. Have a really good New Year!