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Turning Talk into Action

One of my pet peeves in life is the garbage talk: jargon, obscurity, and as a good friend of mine has often observed, using seven words when two would do.? Two of my favorite examples are the ?culture of philanthropy??that is currently trolling the net, and ? Why, let?s just have a casino night, gala, walkathon, phone trees, conference? or any other massively labor-intensive project without a clue of what actually needs to be done.

We take the goal of the culture of philanthropy or the goal of the casino night and create clear targets, projects, schedules, assignments, and results.? With a calendar, duties, and accountability, the hand-waving can become reality.

Transforming Ideas into Plans

The idea is that you need to raise more funds, to engage more members, to attain greater public recognition, so how does that translate into work? It requires open discussion and agreement on the goal, then the specific target and finally exactly WHAT needs to be done.

Identifying the parts of the plan is critical: creating the timeline, intermediate goals, setting a budget, and assignments, assures the necessary work is actually allocated.

Work into Results

Be honest, how many times have you been busy, yet got nothing done at the end of the day? This is precisely what we help you avoid.? Working smarter, not harder, is the path to success.? Working with Lauren Associates you?ll be able to see where you have come from and what you have truly accomplished.

What About the Attitude?

As Mary Poppins so wisely advised, a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.?? Your cause is serious but your day to day doesn?t always have to be that way.? We love what we do and want you to as well, get in touch and let?s make changing the world a truly delightful experience.


BIOGRAPHY | Cindy Lauren, Principal – Lauren Associates

cyndi lauren, Lauren associatesI began work in the nonprofit sector after coming to Los Angeles in the apparel business, and subsequently as a competitive weightlifter. I started as a volunteer with a new nonprofit organization to benefit breast cancer research, Expedition Inspiration, founded by the late Laura Evans. What I saw was both a tremendous need and tremendous opportunity; people do so care and do so want to make a positive change but are so often hampered by lack of experience, fear of fundraising and some unrealistic expectations about how this sector is actually like in real life.

From a volunteer directing parking and restrooms to the President/CEO of a national health advocacy nonprofit, I have full and comprehensive experience in the development, growth, and management of a nonprofit organization. Strategic planning, financial management, fundraising, advocacy, volunteer and client engagement are all elements I learned to bring to the work we felt was so urgent.

Understanding all the moving parts, keeping all the plates spinning, following the rules are all essential components of a strong and well functioning organization. Being mission-driven is all well and good,so long as the doors open, the lights go on and the mission is actually delivered. That takes planning, organization and good systems. That is my wheelhouse.

Since leaving my last full-time position, I have had the chance to work with many different types of organizations and nonprofits which has offered me the chance to learn even more about how to identify issues and crafty tailored solutions. I love what I do and feel fortunate to work with those who help others.


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I really am interested in what you are doing and what you need,? please do call.? Sometimes simply asking the questions can show you the way forward.

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